Friday, August 19, 2016

A cure for constipated babies!!

When my daughter turned one and it was time to switch from formula to whole milk (YES! goodbye expensive formula!), she absolutely loved it!

The only problem was that it seemed to make her constipated. Ugh. This was absolute torture. The worst feeling in the world is watching your baby in pain and not being able to do anything to help. My daughter is usually such a happy go lucky girl and mostly quiet, until she feels like chatting. She would scream and cry and work up a sweat because she was so uncomfortable at times. I had to do something to stop this and I didn't want to change her to soy milk at such a young age.

I started to cut up prunes once a day and that seemed to do the trick. Except she would get sick of eating them after a few days in a row and would refuse to eat them.

One day while my daughter and I were spending the day with her Grandpa, he suggested to put just a little bit of prune juice into her bottle with her milk. I said "Ew!! That is disgusting and that is not going to work!"

Well guess what I did....I googled it.

And guess what I found....

(just a teaspoon or two)

So everyday I added a teaspoon of prune juice to all of her bottles and she never had that problem again. It worked like a charm! (Just don't add too much otherwise you will have a different problem!)
Happy baby = happy mom.

Well Grandpa, you were right. Just one of the many reasons why my daughter will forever be Grandpa's girl.

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