Monday, October 17, 2016

2 under 2 Chapter 2 FUN FALL ACTIVITIES

Well here is the whole family! I am in between two car seats and Lola is riding shotgun. It's just easier this way. We were on our way to a fall festival. My daughter had a great time listening to the local band and she was bopping away. We also got to see the little animal section chickens, bunnies, tortoises, etc. We did not ride the pony. But my daughter's favorite part of all... climbing the hay bales... over and over again.

My daughter is 18 months old and has recently become very interested in coloring. So this morning we started our day by coloring a pumpkin with crayons.

There are so many fun things to do in the fall and some of them don't cost a thing. I have already done some of the things on my list but need to get to more before the season is over!

My fall bucket list

Find a fall festival
Visit a pumpkin patch
Carve or decorate a pumpkin
Go apple picking
Take a long walk and look at all the trees and leaves changing color
Have a picnic
Find a corn maze
Go to a haunted house
Take a hayride
Put together a leaf pile for the kids to jump in
Make decorations for Halloween
Cook a delicious fall inspired soup (this year I made a creamy yellow squash soup)
Collect leaves for the kids to trace, paint, or make a craft
Have a Halloween movie night
Drink cider
Sip hot chocolate
Enjoy a lazy football Sunday

Break out the blankets, make a backyard campfire and roast some marshmallows.
I shall skip the fire this year with my 2 under 2 crew.

My favorite is baking fall treats. There are so many great recipes using pumpkin and apples. So far this year I have made pumpkin brownies, pumpkin dip, and pumpkin muffins. I still need to make pumpkin pie using fresh pumpkin and cinnamon apple bread at some point... YUM. If you want to pick up a pie on the way I am quite sure that no one is going to complain.

Spend as much time as you can in the fresh air. It is beautiful this time of year.

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