Sunday, November 13, 2016

4 ways to use a fresh pumpkin (DIY HOMEMADE BABY FOOD, pumpkin muffins, freezable fresh pumpkin bags, pumpkin seeds)

Since my babies are too little to carve pumpkins, I decided to use the entire pumpkin for cooking purposes.

The first thing I did was cut off the top of the pumpkin and scoop out all the seeds and inside stuff. Then I cut the pumpkin into sectioned pieces. I got a big pot of water boiling and threw the pumpkin in. Boil for about 10 minutes or until the pumpkin is soft enough to easily stick with a fork. Let cool for a few minutes and then scoop flesh off of skin.

TIP - Do not worry about trying to get the skin off the flesh before cooking. It comes off very easy when cooked.

#1 Pumpkin Seeds
1. Cut off top of pumpkin and scoop insides out
2. Separate seeds from gooey stuff
3. Spread on a baking sheet and sprinkle with seasonings
Bake for approximately 10 minutes on 350 degrees

I love me a salty snack so I like to just season with salt. But I have also done cinnamon and sugar which is a nice sweet kick. 

# DIY Homemade baby food
1. Cut pumpkin into sectioned pieces and boil in water for 10 minutes or until soft enough to easily stick with a fork
2. Separate flesh of pumpkin from skin and put into food processor
3. Add breast milk or formula and blend until smooth
4. Freeze extra

I literally became obsessed with making my own baby food for my daughter. I just couldn't believe how easy it was. The best part of it was being able to freeze extra and just pulling it out when I needed it, instead of having to run to the store. My pediatrician suggested starting with orange vegetables first so here is another good one to start with.

#3 Freezable Fresh Pumpkin bags
Label, Scoop and Freeze

#4 Pumpkin Muffins

I made this recipe a printable! :)

Today's forecast is 61 and sunshine. Let's enjoy the last days of fall!

Friday, November 11, 2016

2 under 2 Chapter 4 - My baby girl

When I first started this blog I wasn't sure exactly how personal I wanted to get. But mostly importantly how much of my kids lives that I wanted to show.

But this morning I took a picture of my girl capturing her true essence as a little person in all its glory and I felt like I just need to share this.

So let's start from the beginning of the morning. She woke up about 6:45 and was already snuggled next to me in bed. So I put on Goldie and Bear because lord knows I'm getting tired of the damn Mickey Mouse Club. She is always a little mushy in the morning and needs a little extra snuggle time whether it's me holding her or just laying in bed a little longer.

So we hang out until about 7:15 when the baby boy wakes up. He also wakes up pretty happy today and we let him join girl time and watch a little TV with us. Which of course doesn't last very long.

So we do the usual diaper changes and breakfast routine.

Today I decided to do my son's 4 month pictures even though I am a few days late... So I think to myself while I am going to dress him up so cute that I should dress her up too and try to get a few pictures of them together. I really do not have a lot! It's near impossible to get a good one of the two of them, I guess you could say I am feeling motivated this morning.

So first I got him all dressed and ready to go. I only half dress my baby girl in her shirt and I did her hair. We did her hair the way we do it most days. She really doesn't love her getting her hair brushed so maybe I let her sit on the bathroom counter with her feet in the sink. Just maybe I also let her put on the faucet to splash her little feet. ( Hence why I only put her shirt on ) She has the curliest and most beautiful little head of hair. I mean I am not partial or anything but still.

I am getting off topic a little bit but since I mentioned it I have to share his 4 month picture with you.

OK so while this cuteness was going on....

My baby girl absolutely LOVES taking baths. I mean literally any time of day that I would let her take a bath she would. So before I had started taking the pictures of my little man. She was trying to get into the EMPTY tub. I didn't want her to fall over into the tub and hurt herself so I just picked her up and put her inside. There were already some of her toys in there and I knew it would keep her occupied for literally 3 minutes is all I needed.

Then I heard the water running.

PLEASE keep in mind the bathroom is across from his bedroom and I can see directly into the bathroom at any point!!!

Anyways, I go in and check and see that she is just splashing her feet in there.

So I go back and take a few pictures. Peek my head in at her. Check the pictures. 

I take him off of the chair and get him settled in the living room with pillows so that I can finish getting the baby girl ready and try to get a few pictures of them together, Go back to get her and.... this....

" Oh hey ma, yeah I am not feeling the photo shoot. I think we should push it back until after my lunch break. "

This is who she is. DETERMINED. 
When my daughter was around 6 months old and I took just the cutest picture of her and decided that I had to enter it into the one of many cute kid contests that are around these days. That is until you get to the end of the application and you have to pay to enter and I'm like no thanks! This one in particular contest asked to describe your child in just one word and I right away chose DETERMINED.

She always has this sense about her that when she is on a mission to do something, she is going to do it. I mean to the point where I can call her name 8 times in a row, she obviously hears me and is obviously ignoring me because she is just too busy into doing whatever it is she's doing to be bothered. She will not be distracted for a moment until she is done.

And yes kids should listen to their mother when they are being called, But maybe she doesn't have to stop what she is doing every time someone is trying to get her attention in life. And maybe she doesn't always have to do things by the book. 

I love her creativity. I love the way she does things on her on own time. And as her mother I promise to never push her to be anything but herself.