Saturday, December 10, 2016

Homemade cough drops but not !!

So I've been battling a cold the last week or so. Basically, can I get away with not going to the doctor and just will away the sickness?!

As I was laying in bed, resting and browsing through Pinterest, I came across a recipe for homemade cough drops.

I, of course, watch the video and think to myself... that looks pretty easy.

Realize I don't have half the ingredients and that I am way too lazy to try to do this right now. I mean I am sick and don't want to move.

So anyways, I have some raw honey from this fabulous place in Florida and have an idea. I pull out some wax paper and make droplets of honey and throw it into a freezer. Now I don't actually think this is going to work but I'm like maybe it will freeze?!

Well, it did not freeze. 

BUT!!!!  It was very, very soothing on my throat to scoop it off the paper by the spoonful and eat it :)

So it was a fail but not a complete fail!!! Cold honey drops for a sore throat for the win :)

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