Friday, April 7, 2017

Important update!

Say goodbye to the mama of 2 under 2 and say hello to the terrible twos and a 9 month old ;)

Seriously. Why does the time go as fast as they say it will?

Yes, some days I just can not wait for the minute my little angels finally go to sleep so I can have a few minutes of quiet alone time. But it's all too bittersweet. I find myself questioning and examining my entire day as a mother. Did I play with them enough? Was I patient enough today? Did I pay my full attention to the new things they are learning to do? Could I have possibly missed something that I need to write down in their baby books for fear that in the coming years of their lives I might forget even just one second of their baby lives? I blinked an eye and my baby girl is two.  

It's like a sick form of torture I do as a nightly routine.