Saturday, September 2, 2017

5 reasons you should use a Disney travel affiliate if its your first visit!

I have never, ever used a travel agent in my life. Not even for my honeymoon. My feeling is why should I pay someone when I can do the research myself and book the entire vacation for a cheaper price. Usually, I obsessively check prices for flights over and over and over again. I search through tons of hotels comparing pricing and amenities. Double and triple check to make sure packages aren't less when booking together. I also look into doing all inclusive or trying to save money by doing meals and drinks separately. Does this sound like you?

1. It is absolutely free.
There is no fee or percentage built into your vacation.

2. Dining planning
I haven't been to Disney in years and this was my kid's first trip!  I am not familiar with any of the restaurants inside the parks. I decided to get the dining plan because with two babies, their bottles, snacks... I didn't want to have to worry about their food. During our day at Magic Kingdom, I decided a few hours prior to our dinner reservation that I wanted to eat at a different place. Since it was only a few hours away, I was unable to cancel it on the Disney app.  They directed me to a phone number and I spent 10 minutes on hold without speaking to anyone. I texted my travel affiliate and told her the problem. Within minutes, she had not only cancelled my dinner reservation and booked us another restaurant but also got the fee waived that I would have had to pay because I cancelled less than 24 hours.

3. Fast Pass planning
Again, I haven't been to Disney in years so I know the really big attractions with the long waits. Certain rides I knew I wanted to do, she was able to tell me if the lines are usually short enough where I didn't need to waste a fast pass. She helped me coordinate fast passes around our lunch and dinner reservations. We basically made a game plan for the whole day so we could fit everything in.

4. Questions 24/7
When I say that I texted her morning, noon, and night... every time I thought of something else. She helped me search for flights. I needed a pack and play in the hotel room, she called and reserved it to my room. I texted her while in the airport in a panic. They made us check one of our carry on bags. I wasn't sure if it would go directly to the hotel or if I had to pick it up from baggage. She always got back to me within minutes and told me not to worry!

5. It just makes life so much easier
Vacations with a 1 and 2 year old is stressful enough. Worrying about all the things you need to pack and have accessible for them.  I wanted to make sure that our days at the park were packed with as much as we could possibly do.  Our Disney travel affiliate has small children (who she has brought to the parks every year) so she has got this routine down to perfection and made our experience just absolutely magical!

Here is her link if you are planning to go to Disney! Thank you Jackie, you made our first trip awesome!!!

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