Friday, September 29, 2017

Painting pumpkins

Carving pumpkins with two little ones is just not going to happen. I mean knives and toddlers NO.

Painting pumpkins is such a fun alternative for everyone, no matter what age.

Doing arts and crafts is always a favorite thing to do in our family. Everyone gets involved and everyone has their own masterpiece. Gives the kids the freedom to do things their way and use their imaginations!!!!

The beautiful weather doesn't hurt either. Taking in all that fresh air without running after my two babes.

All you need is
Paint brushes
I repeat washable paint!!! Don't have to worry about ruining clothes and scrubbing it off the kids.

We had so much fun doing our first fall activity together.

My daughter had a blast painting herself :)
So our pumpkin has her footprints on it.

I mean literally what could be cuter than giving a family member a pumpkin with your kids hand and foot prints on it?!

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