Sunday, November 5, 2017

Bonding with my babies with MUSIC

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Music is so good for the soul. I have always depended on music to get me out of a bad mood. I love to listen to music while I am cooking dinner. I love love love to shamelessly jam out in the car and scream at the top of my lungs. Of course if I pull up to a red light, I try to contain myself for a few seconds and act like the normal human being that I most definitely am NOT.  And forgive me for admitting this, but you COULD NOT pregame in college without a crazy playlist! HA!

And now it is no surprise that my most favorite thing to do with my kids is to jam out, sing and dance with them. Just take some moments to act completely silly and fun. There is nothing better. Believe me.

My son loves when we dance together. He is my little koala who is attached to my hip. He holds my hand and we spin around and around. He laughs and shrieks and it is pure happiness. Now he runs around in circles on his own and it is one of the cutest things in my world.

"You make me wanna shout! Put my hands up and shout!"

My daughter is not a big talker. Some days she talks nonstop and other days it seems like she barely says a word. BUT. Play the "Trolls" soundtrack and she knows almost every word. Sometimes I have to stop driving because I literally have to pull over so I can watch her sing. It is the sweetest thing you will ever see. She gets so into it, in her sweet (deep) perfect little voice. I can not handle it.

"Playing" the drums in her infamous earmuffs...get the full story here

We just got the "SING" soundtrack. She is getting a little older so she is starting to really act movies out and dance a lot more. Now we really have to stop in the driveway or any parking lot if we are in the middle of our favorite song. The other day we made it to the park but we were dancing and acting out the movie. We just continued in the parking lot for a few minutes and it was awesome.

I love that we bond over music. It is one of those things that you don't have to explain. You just feel it. And sometimes that can be the best thing. Not having to say a word to each other. But just live in the moment and totally enjoy yourselves by letting go completely.

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