Wednesday, January 17, 2018

When you are all about that mojo...

Growing up in New York, there are not many Viking fans. But my husband is one. Now as a family of 4, we all are. 

I am not an avid sports fan by any means. What I am a fan of, is an excuse to make delicious snacks all day, hang out with friends and family, and let's be honest for having a few beers on a Sunday :) 

Last Sunday, as the time ticked down on the clock...I could see it. As my husband sat in the corner of the room, crouched on top of the kid's toy chest. Cursing and mumbling to himself. Making offensive hand gestures to invisible people. I thought. This is it. Brace yourself for an ugly week ahead girlfriend!

Last play of the game. I held my breath. The ball sailed through the air. HE COULD GO ALL THE WAY! We are off to the championship!!!!!!

Time to go out and celebrate the big win! Just kidding we have kids so we'll be cooking, baking, and doing crafts. We will only eat purple and yellow foods!

We gotta keep the good mojo going all week to prepare for the big game. 

 Two of each not needed...wasn't sure if we were going to make double batch!

Rice Krispie Football Jerseys

4 tablespoons of butter
5 cups of marshmallows 
6 cups of rice krispies

Step 1: Melt the butter in a nonstick pot. (regular is fine but nonstick will make life so much easier!)
Step 2: Add the marshmallows and keep mixing until smooth.
Step 3: Add the food coloring. (I mixed the food coloring with a little water because I wanted to lighten up the color)
Step 4: Turn off the heat and mix in the rice krispies. 
Step 5: Pour onto a baking sheet and flatten as much as you can.

My daugher still wanted to "sprinkle" after we were finished. Also, the tray was too big oops.

After cooled...
I cheated and used a cookie cutter to make my football jerseys.

Then time to decorate.

The rice krispies make it a little harder to decorate because it is a rocky surface. But I still think they came out pretty good. 

We are ready for the 'ship boys!!! 

Monday, January 8, 2018

Mommy ramble of the day

Every morning I look in the mirror and I think to myself, "OMG these bags under my eyes. How much sleep do I need for them to go away?!"

Let's be honest when am I going to have time to go for a facial or spa day. Which I have never actually had a spa day in my entire life. A massage here or there but never the full experience. 

Yesterday, as I am making dinner, I start chopping cucumbers. I always see people putting cucumbers on their eyes when they do a face mask and such. So I put two on my eyes, sit back in a chair for a second and pray for a freaking miracle.

OMG it is so cold! I peel them off for a second to find my daughter with a beaming smile across her face.  She was so entertained by my "cucumber eyes." I put them back on and she laughs that infectious laugh of hers.

I ask her if she wants to try some on her eyes. At first she just waits and watches me intently. Next thing you know, shes climbs up right there next to me with cucumbers in tow. 

Small moments like this. This is what makes my day. This is what makes me love being a mother.
This is what makes me love those bags under my eyes. (OK well not love...not give a sh!t anymore)  

These moments are the memories I will remember forever. 

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

HELLO 2018

First day back to school.

Our new years resolution...BE ON TIME!

It is sooooooo cold. It is the first day back to our routine and all I can think about is going on vacation. To a tropical place.

Making Greek chicken bowls for dinner tonight. Really got me thinking. I like Greek food. It is not one of my specialties that I am particularly great at, but I do try.  So seriously, I really enjoy Greek food. Like someone should send me to Greece so I can learn the proper way to prepare their cuisine... ;)

Anyway, these are my thoughts today as I am freezing my ass off and dragging two kids into school in the bitter cold. One screaming his face off and the other holding on to me for dear life. My pants are down to my knees because the two kids attached to me are pulling them down. No time to go back now. Just thank the lord that my jacket covers my rear. We make our way across the front lot and into to school we go.

We did however have an awesome morning. My big boy always wakes up first. I let him come into bed with me and my daughter.

He took the opportunity to lay on her back and give her a full body hug. It was the cutest thing I have ever seen. He had the biggest smile on his face.

Then this happened. He gave her one more big hug. Happy as could be, sat up on her and started bouncing away.
Crazy bed heads :)

Surprisingly, she woke up amused. Like what the heck is he doing on me but this is funny. 

Well it worked. We all got out of bed. Breakfast, BUNDLED, and off to school on time. Jammed out to our favorite song. My daughter was dancing the whole way to school.

If I get nothing else accomplished today. We made it! 

I definitely have more resolutions to share... for now one at a day at a time...