Monday, January 8, 2018

Mommy ramble of the day

Every morning I look in the mirror and I think to myself, "OMG these bags under my eyes. How much sleep do I need for them to go away?!"

Let's be honest when am I going to have time to go for a facial or spa day. Which I have never actually had a spa day in my entire life. A massage here or there but never the full experience. 

Yesterday, as I am making dinner, I start chopping cucumbers. I always see people putting cucumbers on their eyes when they do a face mask and such. So I put two on my eyes, sit back in a chair for a second and pray for a freaking miracle.

OMG it is so cold! I peel them off for a second to find my daughter with a beaming smile across her face.  She was so entertained by my "cucumber eyes." I put them back on and she laughs that infectious laugh of hers.

I ask her if she wants to try some on her eyes. At first she just waits and watches me intently. Next thing you know, shes climbs up right there next to me with cucumbers in tow. 

Small moments like this. This is what makes my day. This is what makes me love being a mother.
This is what makes me love those bags under my eyes. (OK well not love...not give a sh!t anymore)  

These moments are the memories I will remember forever. 

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